Elementor theme builder template collection for GeoDirectory with Elementor



UPkit is an Elementor theme builder template collection for GeoDirectory with Elementor. When you purchase the kit you get a download bundle that includes the templates and a style kit. Import them to get pixel perfect starters for your site designed with native Elementor widgets and configured to maximize your ability to change colors and typography to match your site style.

With UPkit you can set Elementor global styles to match in the theme settings to quickly get a match to your sites colors and fonts.

Included in the kit:

GD Details Templates 20
GD Archive Items Templates 14
GD Archive Templates 16
GD Search Templates 1
GD Location Templates 2
GD Add Listing 3
Pricing Page 1
Terms and Conditions 1
Section Templates 4

Templates are easy to install. First import the files that come with the download. Then, simply use the Elementor Pro theme builder to create a new instance, and insert the template into the page.

The template kit does not contain any ‘custom’ functionality, and therefor any issues you may encounter with GeoDirectory data sources can be handled through the GeoDirectory Support. If you have any trouble with importing the templates please contact us.